Miyerkules, Marso 7, 2012


Identifying The True Religion Or The True Church

  What is the True Church as defined and described by the Bible?  Has this any bearing to one's salvation? Did Christ establish a Church?
What is the name of the Church purchased by the blood of Christ, thus establishing His Church? How does the Bible define the Church?   How did Apostle Paul confirm the fact that the Church of Christ is a single organization?  To what did he liken the Church?
Which is to be saved by the Savior according to the Bible? 
Why is this necessary that God adds people to the Church in order to be saved?  Is there salvation outside the True Church? 
What then is the Biblical standard in determining the True Church?
How does God call people to Christ?    Can man, by his own effort, uncover what God hid in mystery?
How then could the genuine messenger of God be identified?   What are some of the biblical prophecies and their fulfillment testifying about messengers of God?

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