Martes, Pebrero 26, 2013

Interesting Questions about "Salvation"

Interesting Questions about


1.  CORRECT ME IF I'M MISTAKEN, but the Bible directly teaches that God the Father is Savior and so is Jesus Christ. This is one of the  proofs  that Jesus  is  indeed God—something which the Church of Christ adamantly refuses to believe. If the Savior Jesus Christ were not God, then why do we need Him if we already have the Father for salvation? And if He were just a man as you believe obstinately, so how can a man give salvation? 
Name withheld as requested
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2.  YOUR MAGAZINE IS part of my readings and through it I found out that unlike most of the Christian sects, the Iglesia ni Cristo doesn't believe that Christ is God. This didn't surprise me that much for you have a very good point in arguing that if the Son is God too, together with the Father, then there would be more than  one God,   and   that   would obviously contradict   the   monotheism   endorsed   by Christ Himself. However, I am wondering,  if Jesus Christ were just a man and not God, then wouldn't that render His death for mankind's salvation  as a cheap sacrifice?  For if Christ were purely human, kept free from sin by God, and then sent to His death on the cross, then that would have not cost God much, for He could have created a million such men.
Peter John Ambrocio, Valenzuela City, Philippines 
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Malugod po namin kayong inaanyayahan sa mga pagsamba ng Iglesia ni Cristo sa ating Lumikha.
Kung mayroon po kayong mga katanungan ukol sa mga aral na sinasampalatayanan ng Iglesia ni Cristo, maaari po kayong magtungo sa kapilya o bahay-sambahan na malapit sa inyo at makipag-ugnayan po kayo sa ministrong nakadestino rito.  Nagagalak po silang kayo'y paglingkuran.  Sa Diyos po ang lahat ng kapurihan!