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Interesting Questions about "Faith - Belief"

Interesting Questions about
"Faith - Belief"

1.  From my readings of the Bible, especially the significant verses my church taught us, I’ve learned that what the Lord essentially requires of us is to have faith in Him. Infact, it is faith alone which  makes us worthy to merit the Lord’s grace of salvation. As Romans 10:9-11 teaches us: “That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For  with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth  confessionis made unto salvation. For the Scripture says, ‘Whoever believes in Him will not be put to shame’.” 
Charles Ostling, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.A.
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2.  IF BY GRACE man is saved "through faith" and "not of works," as Apostle Paul stated in Ephesians 2:8-9, then why does man still need to become a member of the Church of Christ in order for him to be saved?  Doesn't a person  need only to have faith? 
Manuel Tolentino, Makati City, Philippines
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3. I CAME TO know of the Iglesia ni Cristo through a friend who is an active member of your Church. I am a devout Catholic who had the opportunity to see for myself what sort of religion the Iglesia ni Cristo is. 
    I have the following questions: What makes you certain you are the selected few or the chosen ones Christ will save?  How about those who are not members of your Church?  Will they be saved? 
    I believe that religion cannot save  man. Only he himself alone can lift up his soul to God through his faith in Him. 
Zamboanga, Philippines
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4.  I AM  A DEVOUT  CATHOLIC. In the process of my historical and biblical search for the truth, Mr. Efren Baula, a member of your Church gave me several copies of God's Message. I was satisfied in reading your magazine, although even before this, I already had doubts about my own beliefs and practices. In the July 1994  issue of God's Message, the article, "Just   when was Christ made God?", made it clear that Christ was made God in order to preserve the empire of Rome. This teaching is against the doctrines of the Bible.  
My  questions  are as follows: 
     1. Was there a conspiracy between the Roman empire and the pagans to reverse the original biblical doctrines?   
     2. What   happened  to the early Christians, the original believers in Christ, during the evolution of the doctrine of Christ's deity?   
     3. Was the flock or the Iglesia ni Cristo then existing?  What was the name of the flock? 
Nestorio Boco, 
Eastern Samar, Philippines
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Link:  Study Iglesia Ni Cristo

Malugod po namin kayong inaanyayahan sa mga pagsamba ng Iglesia ni Cristo sa ating Lumikha.
Kung mayroon po kayong mga katanungan ukol sa mga aral na sinasampalatayanan ng Iglesia ni Cristo, maaari po kayong magtungo sa kapilya o bahay-sambahan na malapit sa inyo at makipag-ugnayan po kayo sa ministrong nakadestino rito.  Nagagalak po silang kayo'y paglingkuran.  Sa Diyos po ang lahat ng kapurihan!