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Interesting Questions about
"Messenger of God - Prophecies" 

1.  Through your magazine God's Message,  I learned that one of the bases of what you claim as your "election" as God's children is the prophecy written  in Isaiah 43:5-6 which mentions about God's sons and daughters from the east I noticed however  that  to  make  it  appear  that  it specifically refers to the members of the Church of Christ, your religion which originated from the Philippines, a country in the  Far East you often use Moffatt's Translation of the Bible which categorically puts "Far East" in the verse instead of just "east". But what are Moffart's credentials  that made you subscribe to his rendition of that verse? Why do you believe that "far east" is correct in Isaiah 43:5?

Ricardo Tan, Phuket, Thailand
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2.   I WAS SURPRISED when I read the article entitled "Whom to Believe and Why" printed in Pasugo which was handed to me by my Iglesia ni Cristo friend. 
     I was amazed. How could an ex-Catholic seminarian make a horrible comment on the faith which he had embraced and loved since birth and even patiently studied for eight (8) years? How sad!  What you've learned as Catholic did not reach your heart.  How easy it was for you to accept and-even believe what the Iglesia ni Cristo is teaching and forget what the Fathers and Doctors of the Catholic Church have shared with you.  If it is hard for you to accept the teachings of Ignatius of Antioch; Tertullian, a theologian; and Cyril, Patriarch of Alexandria, then, why is it easy for you to accept the teachings of the Iglesia ni Cristo when Manalo, too, is not an eyewitness to Jesus? 
     I know that this piece of paper is enough for me to write what I want you to know (like, our little brain is not enough to understand the greatness of God's Wisdom), but whatever your answer will be, always remember that God, Jesus and Mary hear all those.
Helen G. Paule, 
Metro-Manila, Philippines

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3.  IN MATTHEW 28:19, the Lord Jesus Christ commanded that all men be baptized. Christ Himself, the greatest messenger of all, was baptized  by John the Baptist. How about Felix Manalo, was he baptized into your Church?   If he was not, how can he be a true messenger when he himself did not obey the commandment of Christ to be baptized? 
Jonathan Revilla, Valenzuela, Metro-Manila, Philippines
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4.  I HAVE BEEN reading the Bible since I was 15 years old. But since then,   I have never encountered even a single verse in the Old Testament or in the New Testament that mentions the name of Felix Y Manalo whom you regard to be God's messenger. The names of messengers like Moses, Elijah, David, and the rest of the prophets are a found in the Bible; and so are the names of John the Baptist, Angel Gabriel, and the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ—but not the name of Felix Y. Manalo. So, is he a true messenger of God? 
Rafael Gonzaga, Pasay City, Philippines
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I AM A member of a Bible ministry in our place. As I often watch your television program Ang Iglesia ni Cristo, I have observed that you emphasize that it is only your Church which Christ will save while the rest are subject to perdition. Isn't this selfishness?
You teach that yours is the true Church of Christ established by Christ.
How could this be true when it was Felix Manalo who pioneered the Iglesia ni Cristo in the Philippines in 1914?
How sure are you in saying that the Far East mentioned in the Bible refers to the Philippines when the Far East is composed of many countries like Japan, Korea, China, etc.  Even if we accept that the fulfillment of the prophecy is the Philippines, there were already other churches or religions established in this country prior to 1914 like the Catholic Church, Aglipayan Church, and the Protestant denominations. 
Amy Guadalupe, 
Iloilo City, Philippines
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6.  I READ IN your magazine, God's Message, that you claim to be the true Church in these last days. As I continued reading your articles, I was surprised to learn that your Church started in the Philippines. How can your Church be the true Church if it started in a small and poor country like the Philippines? Why would God choose the Philippines out of all the nations in the world to be the place from where the true Church would emerge? 
Robert Lewis, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
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7.   I AM AN American and my upbringing tells me that most of the good things in life flow from a progressive country to those in the Third World. Underdeveloped and developing nations are highly dependent on a progressive country in terms of economy and finances. 
    Spiritually, the West sends religious  missions with accompanying material benefits to those in need in different parts of the world—the Philippines included. 
    How, then, could you say that the Iglesia ni Cristo is man's vehicle for salvation when the country itself from which it emerged is still a developing nation? Wouldn't it be logical for God to choose a country far more equipped to help others to be the place from which the true religion would originate? 
Tim Johnson, 
Manila, Philippines

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Malugod po namin kayong inaanyayahan sa mga pagsamba ng Iglesia ni Cristo sa ating Lumikha.
Kung mayroon po kayong mga katanungan ukol sa mga aral na sinasampalatayanan ng Iglesia ni Cristo, maaari po kayong magtungo sa kapilya o bahay-sambahan na malapit sa inyo at makipag-ugnayan po kayo sa ministrong nakadestino rito.  Nagagalak po silang kayo'y paglingkuran.  Sa Diyos po ang lahat ng kapurihan!

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